Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Let's get quizzical

We had an inaugural quiz at 12 Square Metres last night - one of a number of ideas boss JK is thinking of trying out to boost attendance on the traditionally 'slow' Tuesday evenings.

Visiting trivia-meister Gentleman Jim (one of the Amilal Bohemians, slumming it down our end of the street for this one night) unsurprisingly emerged as champion, although only after a tie-break question on cricket - which probably unduly favoured this Brit over The Weeble, who doubtless knows everything there is to know about the World Series of baseball. I narrowly missed out on this tense play-off - because of my fatal indecisiveness (or perhaps just embarrassment?) on the topic of 'porn stars'.

The individual format is, as far as I know, a unique offering in Beijing, and may prove appealing to the more hardcore quizzers who have long been secretly tortured by uncertainties as to whether they really do contribute the most correct answers in their regular team events. Now, finally, here is an opportunity to put their value to the test.

The questions on this trial night were perhaps, overall, just a tad too dauntingly obscure (no-one got anywhere near 50%!) - but it was a satisfying challenge. I imagine I'll be back. After all, it is in my 'hood.....

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