Friday, July 30, 2010

HBH 193

The mind's plains dry out
When the river of beer's dammed:
Drought withers all things.

Yikes, am I really going to go a whole month without drinking?

(Well, no - it's The Choirboy's birthday at the end of next month, so I figure 4 weeks will be good enough. Am I going to make it that far???)


The Weeble said...

What of your quiz plans?

Froog said...

I shall have to quiz sober. And thus, of course, perform poorly.

An easy victory for you (or Sir James) at 12SQM next week, I think.

However, there seems to be another 'shore leave' session in the offing. Next Wednesday, provisionally. I suppose I'll have to allow myself an exception for that...