Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Judge not, that ye be not judged

Not so long ago - only a matter of a few days, in fact - there were three different women with whom I was quite invigoratingly in lust.

They've all, in quick succession, managed to pour cold water on my overheated loins.

Yes, maybe I am too picky.....

But, thank god there's still football.....


The Weeble said...

Surely that can only be a good thing. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures is bad for the nads; that's why they're outside the body.

Froog said...

Not so much bad for the nads as bad for the sperm, I believe.

I had a mate once who failed to appreciate the possible connection between his difficulties in getting his wife pregnant and the fact that he was spending an hour in the hot tub before bed every night.

You know it's been 40 degrees C in Beijing for the last few days?

Alas, these experiences were a metaphorical rather than literal 'cold shower' - much less invigorating!