Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ribfest IV

My old drinking buddy The British Cowboy is holding the fourth of his great annual yard parties in Alexandria, VA, this coming Saturday.

I was seriously - I mean, seriously - tempted to just drop everything and go. I haven't seen the old bugger in ages. And he does knock up some pretty mean barbecue. And I am so hating Beijing at the moment.....

Alas, such spontaneity is denied to those of us who are not wealthy. There's quite a bit of work around for me at the moment (partly, at least, because everyone else is going on holiday), and I'm only just starting to get my finances into some kind of health again after suffering four months with nearly no work at all at the beginning of this year.

Sorry, Cowboy. I would really have loved to join you. I will be there in spirit.

And I give you a pledge now - I will be there for the big one, Ribfest V, next year. Oh yes, my mind is made up.

Have a blast, me old mucker!


The British Cowboy said...

What an appropriate day for me to return to your blog after a couple of weeks absence.

You will be missed, Sir.

Given that Ribfest IV is subtitled A New Hope, I guess we should start planning the name for V now.

I fear staying on Star Wars would be too hackneyed, though it is hard to think of a V that is subtitled like that...

Froog said...

A splendid coincidence indeed.

Did you catch up on the footie thread?

The Roman numeral for 5 does offer the opportunities for punnery.

You could have Ribfest V - "Mousies!", for example. No, perhaps not.

Or Ribfest v The Commonwealth of Virgina....

Froog said...

Virginia, obviously. Ugh, typos!

The British Cowboy said...

Ribfest IV was the best ever. Around 100 people all told fed in 105 degree heat.