Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A bullet dodged

Sometimes the desire to not drink can be even more insistent than the desire to drink.

I'm in one of those phases right now. I'm really enjoying the not-drinking. I think it's useful, necessary to my mental and spiritual health at the moment (although it's not, as yet, doing anything to trim those pounds I piled on during the World Cup). I think I could keep it up for a good long time. And I find myself irked by people trying to lead me astray from this path I have chosen for myself for this month.

I had allowed myself to be cajoled into granting myself one 'exception' to the rule of abstinence, a solitary night when I might drink (heavily!) - in order to indulge a mate who only gets to go out on a binge once or twice a year.

As Fate would have it, he disappeared without a trace yesterday, so I was spared the anticipated ordeal after all. And I was so relieved: I really do not want to drink this week.

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