Thursday, September 02, 2010

Traffic Report - the blog stats for August

Oddly enough, despite my giving up drinking for most of the month, August proved to be an especially productive month on my 'drinking blog', Barstool Blues - whereas I was often struggling for inspiration rather on Froogville. The two blogs ran neck and neck the whole way, and finished the month - for the first time ever, I think - in a dead heat.

Yes, there were 39 posts and close to 12,000 words on both Froogville and Barstool Blues last month.

We've just passed our 55,000th recorded visitor on Froogville (at least, according to the deeply flawed Sitemeter counter over there in the sidebar), while The Barstool is now lagging badly behind, still just shy of the 35,000 mark.

However, we did 'enjoy' an unexpected flurry of comment activity on The Barstool when a Canadian singer recently relocated to China got miffed at my balanced review ("70% right, 30% wrong") of one of her shows here and incited her demented fan club to come and flame me. Check out that spike in the traffic.

Gosh, yes, I haven't had so much fun since that run-in with the KKK back in '96.

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