Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Brain the size of a planet

It's official:  I am unbeatable at quizzes.

It's a curse, really.

I'm thinking I may have to retire from the monthly Individual Quiz at 12 Square Metres because it's getting to be a bit of a bore - for me and everyone else - that I win it every time.

Footnote 1:  The Theory of Optimum Team Size - I think that large teams are actually a disadvantage rather than an advantage: they generate too much distraction and disputation.  My experience suggests that - for me, at any rate - one team mate is usually worth, at best, only 3 or 4 more points than I would have got on my own.  And that's only the first team mate; a second team mate rarely contributes more than 1 or 2 points on top of that.  A third team mate is often completely superfluous.  Playing with more than four people in a team is usually counter-productive (unless you have a carefully chosen 'super team' with exceptionally strong but largely non-overlapping fields of specialist knowledge).

Footnote 2:  The Mekon, the huge-craniumed, super-intelligent alien above was the recurring adversary of British comic book hero Dan Dare.  It was also the favoured slang term of disparagement for academic over-achievers at my school (the school, that is, where I taught some 20 years ago; not the one I attended myself nearly 30 years ago).

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Froog said...

Ahem, well, in fact, my aura of invincibility was decisively punctured in the 'farewell quiz' - the last one before JK headed home for Oz just before Christmas. I dragged my Clooneyesque journo pal Mr Sex along (he'd very nearly beaten me once, the closest squeak I'd had in this event), and.... well, he's pretty damned formidable in every department.... especially the ones I'm a bit weaker at, like sport and geography. It was only a narrow win, but well deserved. I'm quite grateful, really; I'd been feeling guilty about my rather lucky victory over previously.

Not that I don't thirst for revenge now, of course....