Friday, October 22, 2010

HBH 205

I'd planned to stay in...
Or come home early, not drink;
The best plans are changed.

I really felt I needed a quiet night, an early night yesterday - after a week of stress and poor sleeping (and hitting the sauce way too much!).  But my musical pals The No Name Trio were playing one of their (these days, rare) Jianghu gigs, and the discovery of this goaded me into venturing out.  But I never made it to JH; stopping in on the way at 12 Square Metres, I ran into a few 'regulars' I'd missed on earlier visits this week and... one thing led to another, as they say.  Being lent an i-Phone to take charge of the music playlist was the crucial turning point: once I'd cued up an hour or more of great songs, I couldn't really leave, could I?

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