Friday, November 19, 2010

Good luck, AIS!!

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen, Beijing's finest new band to burst on the scene this year (or for many a long year), are in Hong Kong at the moment - getting ready to rumble with four other bands in the China National Final of the 2010 Global Battle of the Bands contest (having won the Beijing round of the competition a couple of months back).

I've seen the gig listed a number of places on the Internet as happening tomorrow, the 20th, but according to the GBOB website, it's actually on Sunday 21st (strange scheduling!!).

Keeping fingers and toes crossed for more success for Jean-Seb, Maikel, and Mao Mao.  Put in a storming performance, guys - and bring that title home to The Jing!

It seems the competition final is being held in a club called Sticky Fingers, in the Empire Centre at 66, Mody Road.  If you're in Hong Kong this weekend, you should go.  I'm disappointed I can't.

[If, like me, you can't be there to cheer the lads on, you may like to listen to some free demos they now have on their page on the Chinese music site Douban.]

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