Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When is a 'happy hour' not a 'happy hour'?

When you're only taking 5 kuai off the price of something!

OK, maybe if you were taking the price of a Tsingtao down from 20 to 15, or from 15 to 10, it would be OK.  But you do need to be giving at least a 25%-30% discount for it to start feeling even vaguely happy.

Latest offender I've discovered is the 1st Floor bar in the Tongli Studios.  Their 'happy hour' discounts (and their pricing in general) seem to be all over the shop; quite reasonable on some things, non-existent on others.  And they don't seem to advertise what the 'happy hour' tariff is, or when it applies, anywhere that I can see, either - I hate that.  A half-litre of Stella is a fairly reasonable 35rmb on their usual tariff, but they only knock a paltry 5 kuai off for 'happy hour'.  Really, boys, it's not worth it: that's just a f***ing irritation!!  

[Yes, I've said this before.  Beijing bars just never seem to get any better: year after year, the same crap keeps happening...]

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