Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Fetch me a posse!

After some weeks of thwarted plotting and conspiring, I thought yesterday - finally - I'd managed to corral The Lads into assembling for a proper, old school Boozy Monday.

But then.... well, the 'posse' just evaporated. The Choirboy suffered another of his workload ambushes, JK got stuck minding the bar, The Bengali cited a spousal veto, and The Feeble Weeble was once again demonstrating his infuriating inability to commit to anything or to plan any aspect of his life more than a few hours ahead....  Sigh.

It had looked for a while as if I was going to be left drinking entirely on my own - but at least Leather Britches eventually showed up (a mere 40 minutes late); and a few other folks joined us an hour or so later (but didn't stay for very long).  A very good evening, in the end.

But gosh, my social life is drying up.  I really need to get out there and make me some new friends....

[And yes, the title is a reference to a rather risqué joke....]

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