Friday, December 24, 2010

Great Drinking Songs (25)

Because nothing gets you drinking like nostalgia, and nothing gets you nostalgic like Christmas, and nothing quite evokes childhood Christmases (for a child of the 1970s) like Slade....

You can see the band performing this - their best-loved song, perhaps the catchiest Christmas song ever - on 'Top of the Pops' when it first became a hit in December 1974 (oh, I was barely out of my nappies!!) here, but I thought this stop-motion video by YouTube poster globalwarming was brilliant.  Enjoy.  (While I dig out my guitar and strum along with Dave Hill....)

Merry Xmas, everybody!!

[And do you not think the Queen could give the popularity of the Royal Family a huge boost by making him Sir Neville in the New Year's Honours List this year?  I mean, an MBE, what's that?]

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