Thursday, December 02, 2010

Traffic Report - the blog stats for November

Am I finally slowing down my ridiculous over-production just a little?

Hardly, I think.  It's been one of my least prolific months in quite a while, but not so very much less than 'normal' (despite a fairly heavy schedule of conventional work recently); and such reduction as there was mainly down to a brief suspension of posting in the third week of the month - not because of pressure of other commitments or shortage of inspiration, but because I wanted my notice about Wu Yuren's trial date to retain prominence at the top of the home page for a few days.

I think I'd be rather happier with keeping the combined number of posts on the two blogs below 60, and the total wordcount below 20,000.  Not quite there yet, but making some progress.  Hmm, could be time for a resolution, perhaps...

Anyway, here are the November figures:

There were 36 posts and around 11,000 words on Froogville.

There were 32 posts and also 11,000 words on Barstool Blues.

Nothing very exciting to report this time, I'm afraid.  Drop-ins from Uganda, Bulgaria, and Colombia are starting to seem fairly run-of-the-mill.

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