Sunday, December 12, 2010

What, pray, is a bogan?

The word was new to me when JK brought it up at the bar a few months ago.

Online researches revealed that it is an Aussie slang term of disparagement for the 'white trash' underclass, probably originating in the Melbourne suburbs but now in common use throughout Australia and New Zealand.  I don't know how far back it goes (the similar term CHAV in England is only a Noughties coinage, I think).  I suspect the popularity of the expression was given a big boost in the early Noughties by the success of Aussie ska band Area-7's jokey song Nobody Likes A Bogan (which surfaces on the 12 Square Metres playlist once in a while: lyrically a bit thin, but infectiously bouncy).

And here's a further illustration of the concept, from a Melbourne comedian who calls himselfy the Angry Aussie (a fairly prolific online presence on YouTube and a blog).  ['Seppo' was a new one on me, too.  Apparently, it means an American - a diminutive of the Cockney rhyming slang Septic (Tank).  I rather like it.]

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