Monday, January 03, 2011

Traffic Report - the blog stats for December

Well, I didn't spew forth quite such an incontinent profusion of posts as I seem to have managed during the holiday doldrums in the past three years, but things were still pretty bad.....

On Froogville last month there 37 posts and getting on for 13,000 words.

And on Barstool Blues there were a mere 33 posts, but (largely thanks to my traditional year-end bumper 'Bar Awards' post) there were well over 16,000 words!

It seems there are quite a few other people around with too much free time on their hands at this time of year: according to (the ever unreliable) Statcounter, there's been quite a surge in visits to the 'Ville in the last two weeks, with the number of 'uniques' close to or a little above 100 per day.  Conversely, traffic to The Stool seems to have withered!  Ah, the Internet - who can understand her strange ways?

The one curiosity I discover amongst the latest intel from that site is that I have apparently acquired new readers (for both blogs) in Turkey and Pakistan.  Please come forth and identify yourselves.

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