Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great Love Songs (25)

Now, don't suppose that this posting has anything to do with the date in a couple of days.  I absolve myself of any obligation to be 'romantic' for Valentine's Day - by being truly, madly, deeply, hopelessly, sincerely, spontaneously, passionately romantic on every other day of the year.

But I adore Tom Waits, and this is one of my favourites of his newer songs, Hold On; and it includes (at least!) one of my favourite of his lyrics.

Here's a wonderfully slow and gruff live performance in Atlanta in 2008 (no video), introduced by a bit of his characteristic comic banter - from his Glitter and Doom Tour album.

Oh, and here's a very good quality video of a live performance (allegedly from 1999 - I didn't think Mule Variations was that old!) , but the poster doesn't provide details of where.

I'm too good to you! It's because I love you!

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Froog said...

Ruby was trying to persuade me the other day that Erez Eisenmann, an Israeli (I think?) singer-songwriter new on the Beijing scene these last 6 months, "sounds a bit like Tom Waits".

I was sceptical... a) as to whether that was true, and b) as to whether it would be a recommendation anyway. My cynical reply: "Sounds like Tom Waits usually only means bad voice + pretentious lyrics. I think you have to BE Tom Waits to get away with it."