Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dampened spirits

Be careful what you wish for!

Over on Froogville, I noted just this morning how sorely in need of some rain we were (after a 6-month dry spell in Beijing!), and how welcome it would be.  But, you see, I was looking forward to the regular little spell of 'April showers' we usually get here in another week or so; I hadn't been anticipating that it would start pissing down almost immediately, ruining my weekend - on a Friday evening in the wet, our taxi availability plummets from scanty to just about non-existent!!

I haven't been to much music this past month, or indeed this year, so - despite falling so heavily out of love with 2 Kolegas over the last 18 months - I had been planning to head out there tonight to hear Ricky Sixx doing his ebullient 80s Hair Metal tribute show (with rumoured support from Jacky Danny, one of the best new bands to emerge on the scene lately).  But then I heard gossip that the even better Almost Famous, my favourite recent discovery, might be playing at What Bar - and that's much less hassle for me to get to.

Alas, in current conditions - it's not only pizzling with rain, but arse-freezing cold - I don't think I can stir my stumps even to check out Gulou 121 or Jiangjinjiu, which are but a few minutes' walk away from me.  Oh dear, another music-less weekend.....

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