Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mordor wins?

As of around the middle of this afternoon, Beijing time (I suppose around 6am or 7am GMT), Witopia - formerly the most robust and reliable of proxy services - got comprehensively squelched here.

None of their numerous proxy server locations seem to be accessible from mainland China any more.  None of their websites can be reached for information updates without a proxy.  And even their ordinarily ultra-prompt e-mail helpline is now unresponsive.

It would be nice to suppose that this Mother-Of-All-Internet-Crackdowns was evidence of the outbreak of significant opposition to the ludicrous regime we suffer under here, mass protests in several of the major cities, countrywide flour-bombing of Mao statues and so on.

But no, it's probably just the Kafka Boys playing with some new toys again.

Memo to the old farts in Zhongnanhai:  There's no better way to provoke rioting than to mess with people's Internet functionality.

OK, allowing food and housing to become too expensive for people to afford - that's a better way.  But you're already working on that.

And nepotism in the transfer of political power, that's never good either.  Whoah, you're on to that one as well!

Denying people their Internet is next, huh?

You really do want to get overthrown, don't you??

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