Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Now, I REALLY have seen everything

I have found a bar where Tsingtao is more expensive than Guinness.

Well, not quite in the headline price: the Guinness (the stuff imported from Malaysia, 330ml bottles) was being advertised at 48 HKD, whereas the Tsingtao was a mere 45.  However, this was draught, which around here is rarely or never a superior product to the bottled variety; and it was being served in tiny 250ml glasses.  So, overall, significantly more expensive than the Guinness.  WTF?????

OK, yes, this was a restaurant rather than a bar.  And it was in Hong Kong, probably the most expensive city in China (although Shanghai is certainly running it close).  And it was at the airport, and airside.

Even so, those prices are monstrous - well beyond what you'd be asked anywhere but the most outrageously up-itself cocktail bar or nightclub here.  I tell you, I nearly passed out with shock.

And thirsty though I was, I did not partake.  It didn't look like anyone else was either.  Although this area of the airport was pretty busy, and it was lunchtime, there were only a handful of diners in there - and none of them was drinking anything.  Way to price yourself out of business, guys!!

[By contrast, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that one of the restaurants airside at Beijing's new Terminal 3 offers Tsingtao - and the rather better Yanjing - in 330ml stubbies for just 10 rmb.]

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