Friday, April 08, 2011

Is it really that easy?

I was intrigued to find this locally-produced brand of 'whisky' in a convenience store in Kuala Lumpur when I visited there a month or so back: beguilingly - suspiciously - cheap, at just 8.90 ringgit for 250ml.

The ingredients are listed as: Alcohol. Whiski. Air. Water.


Well, it's nice to see whisky - or 'whiski' - getting a look-in. I do like my whisky to contain some whisky. Unlike in China, where the dangerous knock-off stuff we are so often fobbed off with is generally concocted from baijiu and caramel. Well, baijiu sometimes - if you're lucky. Quite often, it's crudely manufactured raw ethanol (or methanol!), with lots of nasty chemical impurities in it.

This stuff, though, with its reassuring hint of 'whiski', I thought would be probably unpleasant but broadly 'safe'. I rather regret not having got around to trying it.

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