Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tourism, done right

The Forbidden City is a bit of a bore. The Temple of Heaven can wait.

Little Anthony checked out the view of the Imperial Palace rooftops from the top of the 'Coal Hill' in Jingshan Park, and took a stroll around T-Square; but he was really more interested in getting an introduction to Beijing's bar scene.

So, yesterday....

We had a late lunch on the roof terrace at Little Saigon, looking across the street to the Drum and Bell Towers, and trying out their Saigon and Hanoi beers (the latter much to be preferred).

Then we crashed the China Potato Expo for half an hour (token non-drinking activity of the day, since I was disappointed in my hopes of finding a poteen manufacturer there).

Then we repaired to Luga's, to take advantage of their all-day 'happy hour' offer of 10-kuai Tsingtaos for the next couple of hours.

Then we looked in at The Den for a few half-price Guinnesses.

Then we took a bus back to my 'home turf', and looked in at MaoMaoChong for some cocktails.

Then, of course, the obligatory stop at 12 Square Metres (ordering in food from the rather excellent new Muslim place just over the road).

And then - "on the way home" - we caught the second half of the Beijing Beatles' set at Salud.

Around 11 hours of solid debauch.  LA says he'll be back.

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Froog said...

Of course, I also introduced him to Amilal and El Nido, and to Flamme and a few other places.

But the Wednesday night crawl was the definitive one.