Monday, April 04, 2011

Traffic Report - the blog stats for March

Well, that was one of my most 'restrained' months ever on Froogville (and about time, too - I've been trying to cut back for ages); although I compensated with an especially prolific month here on The Barstool, largely thanks to a slew of posts about my recent experiences in Malaysia.

There were 35 posts and around 9,000 words on Froogville last month.

There were 40 posts and nearly 13,500 words on Barstool Blues.

Traffic to the 'Ville seems to be holding up pretty steadily - despite a massive Internet censorship drive in China this past month, which even floored the formidable Witopia a couple of times, and seems to have driven some of the less spunky VPN services out of the market altogether - with around 150 visitors per day; and the 'lifetime total' (at least, according to the Sitemeter widget in my sidebar) has surged past 75,000. I am getting a tad concerned, though, about an apparent decline in interest in my 'drinking blog' (which I tend to have rather more fun with; so... sod what anybody else thinks!) - only getting 60 or 70 hits a day now, whereas we had been up to a 100 or more a little while back.  However, one of these was a gent (or lady?) from The Seychelles who was led to my door by a Google search on "drink promotion ideas" - which, remarkably, places this fatuous post of mine at No. 8.  Glad to be of service!

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