Monday, May 16, 2011

Double gig happiness!

And there was me trying to have a quiet weekend/month/life....

But then I am tipped off that there's to be another of the occasional music events in Aluss (the Amilal 2 - coffee shop/furniture store/exhibition space - opened a couple of months back above a clothes store on Gulou Dongdajie), a Mongolian folk duo calling themselves The Travellers.

And then I discover, by purest chance (Ruby happened to spot me slouched outside El Nido as she was on her way to the gig), that most excellent Hendrix cover band Purple Smog have not disbanded after all (well, not quite yet, anyway; Martin still seems indecisive about whether or not they have a future), but are playing very shortly at the nearby Hot Cat Club.

And following them were middle-aged surf rockers The Flying Mantas - two very entertaining bands for the price of.... FREE.  Pity I couldn't stay for the whole show, but...

I really did feel I ought to check out The Travellers, who were playing at the same time. There was a 50-kuai door fee for this one, but the laoban (Alus, with one 's' - although the spelling of his name is a matter of some controversy) let me off, since it was nearly midnight when I got there and the guys were drawing to the close of the second of their billed two sets.  But they came back on again barely 15 minutes later, and showed no sign of quitting, so I got nearly an hour of them as well, before exhaustion got the better of me. Very fine they were, too. I hope to catch them again some time.

Pretty nearly the perfect Saturday night!

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