Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting OH-so-close.....

I was a little premature in anticipating the possible arrival of our nominal 50,000th visitor on Friday. We've had a fairly slow weekend here on The Barstool, and it's looking as though the milestone won't now be passed until some time on Tuesday (here in Beijing, that is; it could still be Monday night for those of you in the States).

Keep an eye on the COUNTER over there at the top of the sidebar, and please leave me a comment here it it's at 50,000 or just past - there will be a "prize" of some sort!


Froog said...

I'm just off to work at 6.48, and we're at 49,997.


Gary said...

Me, me!

But it's 9pm here on the West Coast, and we're up to 50,012 already.

How did those earlier guys miss out? You snooze, you lose!!