Friday, July 01, 2011

HBH 240

Even tough men melt
The protective urge prevails
A kitten's cuteness

I am missing Gizmo - after just one night's exposure! I'd love to give the poor little critter a home; but I really don't think I can commit to a lifetime of regular anti-histamine consumption.

Apparently, she is quite poorly (and yes, she is, as my initial instincts hinted to me, a girl; I was calling her a she on Monday night, but re-sexed her when I wrote Wednesday's post!), and in need of some expensive drug treatments. Fortunately, my pal the Animal Rescue Hero has taken her into the care of Lingyang Xiaopu, a local pet fostering group, and is trying to raise money for her treatment.

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Ruby said...

Any time you want a temporary flurry friend just let me know and you can cat-sit Flash for us! He may not be as little and fluffy as Gizmo, but the guy's got personality and no lap is safe when he is around!