Monday, August 29, 2011

Anniversaries abound

It looks like I picked the wrong week... to give up drinking! (AGAIN)

Just last week it was my 9th Chinaversary. The 5th anniversaries of both my blogs are looming (what shall I do to 'celebrate', what shall I do??). It is my best mate The Choirboy's b'day in a couple of days. And I gather Flamme is turning 1 year old this week, too. (Or has been, this month. I nearly missed it.) Oh dear.

And now I am reminded that the 'official birthday' of my favourite bar, 12 Square Metres, is to be celebrated next Saturday - the 3rd of September. This will be the end of 4 glorious years of the best little bar in Beijing. Coincidentally (or not), this also marks the 3rd anniversary of my becoming a regular customer there. And, if we're really getting silly about things, it will be the 20-month-iversary of the place's expansion to 44 square metres....

I suspect, in fact, that they really opened for the first time on 1st or 2nd September 2007... but that just means we'll be indulging in a nostalgic whoop-it-up throughout the end of this week.

And I was going to try to have a dry month in September. Hm, maybe I'll start that next week....

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