Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another bar idea

A little while ago, Beijing Boyce was running a give-away-free-booze competition in which he challenged his readers to propose 'rescue plans' for underused or failing (or defunct) Beijing bars.

Although it's probably not really eligible within the conception of this contest, it occurred to me that one might nominate the mysterious enclosure of blue construction fencing that's been pointlessly blocking the street at the bottom of Sanlitun Houjie, right in front of Luga's, for the past month or two. It would make a decent spot for open-air drinking, nicely intimate, and oddly secluded even in the midst of Sanlitun's bustle - a much-needed replacement for the sadly demised No. 8 Beer Garden over by Gongti. One might even try to develop some sort of 'state security' theme for the place: cheerful banners proclaiming 'Help the Police - Beat Yourself Up', and so on.

I suggest we might call it Nothing To See Here. Or maybe Harmony.

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