Friday, August 05, 2011

HBH 245

Toasts become endless,
Death by hospitality.
Wedding banquet blues.

I'm going to a wedding today. I approach the prospect with some trepidation. It's been nice knowing you....

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Froog said...

It might seem perverse of me to complain - after the anticipatory trepidation with which I composed this a week or two ahead of the event - but... the wedding was a bit of a let-down on the baijiu toasting front: hardly any of the Chinese guests seemed to be drinking it at all, and no-one (apart from the father of the bride) felt moved to offer a toast to the couple of dozen visiting foreigners at the party. We laowai had to resort to toasting each other, just to get a bit of a buzz on.

The after-wedding party, though, was EXTREME - a free bar all night.