Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Internal exile

Now, I don't like Sanlitun at the best of times.  And I especially don't like its dismal selection of so-called "sports bars".

However, at the moment, and for some time to come, I feel obliged to avoid these shitholes altogether - because the bloody Rugby World Cup is upon us once again.  It nearly ruined my birthday 4 years ago, and it threatens to do so again.

My disdain, disgust, utter abhorrence of the game can scarcely be expressed in words (other than a snorting pssshaw!).  I loathe it, loathe it, loathe it.

I do not wish to see even a single second of the televised action, I do not wish to hear a single result, I do not wish to overhear any discussions about the prospects of the participants... I do not even want to be exposed to the company of anyone who gives a damn about any of this shit.

Therefore, I must abjure nights out in Sanlitun - and avoid most of my male drinking buddies - until some time in late October.

Perhaps this is, after all, a good time to give up drinking for a while....

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