Thursday, September 08, 2011

A lost day

Yesterday, I spent 10 hours drinking in Wudaokou.

I had arranged to sell one of my old cameras to Terrible Tes, The Chairman's brother, almost as avid a photographer as he is a drinker. Unfortunately... neither of us had any very pressing work to do; it was a wretchedly drab day; and - having ended an uncomfortable spell of pennilessness by picking up nearly 6,000 kuai in one day (collecting a delayed payment for some training I did a few months back, and getting a fairly good secondhand price on the camera) - I found myself in a mood to splurge a little.

We had arranged to rendezvous at 10 in the morning; I barely made the last train home that night.

I haven't been that wrecked in a long time...  Well, not since last Saturday, at least.

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