Saturday, September 03, 2011

Today's THE DAY

Gosh, yes, it's the 4th Anniversary of my 'local', 12 Square Metres.

Drinks specials all day! I believe JK's aiming to open around noon, and push on until.... the booze runs out (might not be that long, since there have been hassles with deliveries of some items lately: no draught Kronenbourg at the moment - boo!). It might get a bit raucous.

I'll probably wait until late afternoon or early evening to put in an appearance; I don't have the stamina - or the cash! - for an all-day session at the moment.

In a city where bars rarely survive more than a year or two, it is a substantial achievement to be still going strong after four full years - particularly for a self-run 'hobby bar' like 12SqM. Congratulations to JK and Limei on creating such a gem. 

However, it is a day also tinged with great sadness. It seems likely that the bar will change ownership soon, perhaps even close, as JK is planning to return home to Oz. I don't know how I'll get by without the place; or without JK and Limei, who have become very dear friends. Ah well.... time to drown our sorrows!

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