Monday, October 03, 2011


Change is afoot in my favourite local - but not in a bad way. New managers MB and LJ are introducing a few small changes here and there to put their own stamp on the place - introducing some new beers, tweaking the prices a little, revamping the music playlist, planning a few special events.

And the most momentous change so far has been.....  the creation of a website!

Well, theoretically, there was one all along. Bar founder JK leased the domain name, set up a rudimentary homepage... and then rather forgot about the whole thing. It had little or no content, little or no Web 'visibility', and probably zero visitors. But now.... well, LJ counts being a website developer among her many talents, and in a very short space of time she's done a bang-up job of transforming the 12 Square Metres web address into a proper website. Go check it out.


LJ said...

Thanks for the kind words. Appreciate the moral support!

Froog said...

Glad you found your way here eventually, LJ.

When JK discovered my secret blogging vice, I think it might have become a further disincentive to him doing anything with the bar's webpage, since he judged that I was in effect running an 'unofficial website' for him!