Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another trivia quiz idea

The Hong Bao Quiz!

Last week, I pondered addressing the widely disparate ability among Beijing’s quizzers with a double quiz – two sets of questions being asked concurrently, one hard, one easy.

Some quizzes tackle this problem with ‘randomising’ elements - such as ‘jokers’ (where you can double your score on a nominated round of questions), ‘penalty’ rounds (where you forfeit your entire score if you make a mistake), or ‘gambling rounds’ (where you stake a certain proportion of your points total on the outcome of a short series of final tiebreak questions). Some have also tried to move away from trivia knowledge altogether, invoking ‘feats of strength’ such as arm-wrestling or downing pints in one, at least for tiebreaks.

But how about simply bribing the quizmaster – paying cash for answers/extra points? It’s so very appropriate for China!

And it would add nicely to the prize fund.


Froog said...

Credit to The Brick for the innovation of their 'Drunken Quiz', where you can get extra points for the number of drinks you consume during the quiz (and how strong they are!).

I would be a regular participant if the place weren't so danged far away.

zoozli said...

good idea- trivia quiz

Froog said...

Not spam, exactly... The mysterious Zoozli's site appears to have been abandoned after one or two posts earlier this year, but 'his' profile links to a number fun online trivia quiz resources.

Useful cribs, perhaps, if I do get roped into being a regular quizmaster again myself.