Monday, November 07, 2011

A fond farewell

The No Name Trio – two guitars and an accordion performing mellow French jazz, Django Rheinhardt et al – played their final gig this Saturday.

Well, never say NEVER; I wouldn’t rule out an occasional reunion at some point. And they’re still playing together as Blackwater, accompanying the great Des McGarry in his renditions of favourite Irish folk songs. But, for now, the gypsy jazz is over. They’ve been together in this lineup for four-and-a-half years (and Nico and Dan had been playing the same sort of stuff as a duo for a year or two before that), and a little bit of ennui had been setting in for them.

It was a very poignant moment for me: I’ve been following these guys since they first got together, and have many, many happy memories of their shows, particularly from their long residency in the marvellous early days at Jianghu.

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