Saturday, November 12, 2011

Top Five Lost Laowai Landmarks

The Beijing I knew in my early years here at the start of the Noughties has long since disappeared.

Here’s a rundown of the institutions that we expats of a certain generation most miss…

The Top Five Lost Beijing Landmarks

Indifferent food, but an essential networking hub for older expats.

4)  Poachers
A crappy bar – but Friday night Party Central!

3)  Nanjie – Sanlitun South Bar Street
As I’ve observed before, it was a great melting-pot. Back then, the city only had a dozen or so decent bars, and most of them were side by side on Dongdaqiao Xiejie.

2)  The Sanlitun Beer Mug
The city’s cutest novelty: a fibreglass convenience kiosk in the form of a giant foaming beer stein.

But in the top spot…

1)  The John Bull Pub
A little piece of London in the heart of the Embassy district.

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Froog said...

I suppose I really should have put the original Bus Bar (just south of the Beer Mug) on here as well. In theory, it merely changed locations (twice); but the new incarnation is nothing like the first two.