Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Return of the Harmonica Man

Laurent Maur, one of the best jazz harmonica players in the world, is back in town again. I caught a few shows by him when he visited around this time last year, and he was quite spellbinding (check out the video clip embedded in that earlier post).

He played a small show last week at Jianghu, but I only found out about that at the last minute, and was feeling too ill to go. I hadn't heard of any other gigs scheduled. Last night, I received a fortuitous tip-off from one of the punters in the bar that he was jamming with the Hot Club de Beijing at Salud; so glad I caught a half hour of that at the end of the evening, but now I'm hungry for more of his playing.

I'm not sure how long's he's around this time. I hear he might be heading home to France early in the New Year. But I gather he's slated to play at Modernista on Thursday, and East Shore Jazz Café on Saturday. I'll have to go to at least one of those.

[Thanks to Jean-Seb for letting me know about these two gigs.]

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