Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The worst business card in the world?

Take a look at this.

Does this guy actually want anyone to find his bar? Does he want a successful business?

It's not the hideous green-and-white colour scheme I object to. (Well, it is; but there's so much more...)

It's not the inaccuracy of the map, or the fact that it's in Chinese only. These things we get used to. (Although anywhere that courts a laowai customer base really ought to do biliingual promotion. And this chap has chosen an English name for his establishment and highlighted 'pizza' on his menu...)

No, it's the utter illegibility of the key contact information. The phone numbers are in a font that is only about 1.5 mm high, and extremely thin. I still have pretty acute eyesight, but I strained my eyes trying to read this. There is not a chance in hell that any Chinese patron would be able to.

Instant FAIL.

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