Saturday, February 04, 2012

That's exactly how I felt

New commenter King Tubby (eclectic music afionado from the Antipodes) kindly led me the other day to Pete & Dud's classic introduction to sex education, their 'Dirty Uncle Bertie' sketch. I was delighted to discover that there's now far more of their stuff on YouTube than there was when I last looked a year or two ago.

In particular, there are quite a few bits from their wonderful 1967 film comedy Bedazzled (which is one of the funniest films of all time, and, along with This Is Spinal Tap and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is on the 'most wanted' hit-list of films I've never managed to unearth in a Chinese DVD shop). It's a reworking of the Faust story, with lovelorn would-be suicide Dudley Moore selling his soul to the Devil (Cook the most engaging of screen Satans!) in return for 'seven wishes' which may help to unite him with object of his affections (Eleanor Bron). One of my very favourite scenes in it is this one, probably the best-ever explanation of the fall of Lucifer.

I've described this scene for people dozens of times over the years, but the film is so little known these days - particularly amongst non-Brits - that I often fear they think I'm simply making it up. At last, here is PROOF - another product of the genius of Peter Cook.

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