Friday, March 16, 2012

HBH 277

Waiting forever;
No menus and no service;
Worst bar in the world.

I was enticed back to Danger Doyle's last night - for the first time in well over a year. I was willing to give it another chance, hoping it might have improved somewhat from its abysmal earlier impressions.

It had not. I stayed for all of about 15 minutes - as long as it took to convince me that I was NEVER going to get served.

To be fair, the staff were working quite well under difficult conditions. But there appeared to be NO DRINKS LISTS anywhere (a problem continuing from their early days three years ago!!). There were no lists of the specials being offered for this event. And there were apparently no extra staff laid on (for a quite heavily attended alumni group party). When you're busy, it's really important to let people know what's available and how much it costs without having to ASK every time.

Some table service would have been in order, too. And some attentiveness from the bar staff - rather than all crowding together in the middle of the bar, and pretty much demanding that punters come up to them and grab them by the throat in order to place an order. It was a vision of hell on earth.

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Froog said...

Ha! I see the place finally closed down a week later - so, maybe the staff had all given up trying by this point. If they ever did try, that is.

It was obviously a very well-funded venture, since it soldiered on with negative revenue for pretty nearly three years. Such an egregious waste of money really offends me; particularly when much better places often fold in under a year due to the difficulty of business conditions in China for small enterprises (esp. foreign-owned or invested ones).