Friday, March 30, 2012

O brave new world!

I went over to Tianjin this week (for the first time in ages), and discovered - in the big mall over the road from the Olympic football stadium - this, the Swiss Club, which advertises such intriguing delights as "Swiss red wine". Who knew such wonders existed? (Odd how Switzerland seems to be following me around in recent years!)

Given the general tackiness of its appearance, and its grandiose pretensions to being a 'Club', I rather doubt if any actual Swiss people are involved in this venture. In fact, I found myself irresistibly reminded of Swiss Toni: "Running a bar in China is like making love to a beautiful woman..."

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Froog said...

I foresee a possible reader participation thread here (if I had any readers any more!), soliciting 'explanations' of Toni's recurring observation.

Everybody wants to, but no-one's got any idea what they're doing.

You spend a lot of money for the privilege, but then pull out very quickly.

It'll break the bank, and then it'll break your heart.

It's not as much fun as you think it's going to be.

And so on...