Saturday, March 10, 2012

Return of the Band Names game!!

While enjoying the sanba show at Temple with a couple of girlie chums the other night, we achieved the collective realisation that Beijing bluegrass favourites The Randy Abel Stable are now 'big' enough to warrant their own tribute band (Peter immediately asked if he could join; I don't think you can be in your own tribute band...). We have decided to call it The Unstable Table (perhaps, like Brick Tamland, we were just being inspired by random items in our immediate environment....).

Later, challenged to come up with a name for a friend's new band, I suggested Bye Bye Kitty. This is not exactly a new idea, since haters of the noxiously cute Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty arguably outnumber the idolaters, but I don't think it's yet been done as a band name. And such opposition seems particularly needful in China, since attachment to the emetic pussycat is almost universal among young women here. I envisage a logo with the loathsome kitten tied to railway tracks...

But this might also do...

Anyway, this sudden splurge of band-naming frivolity reminded me of The Band Names Game - my 'most popular' post ever on this blog, but lapsed into silence for the past two years. Now seems like an opportune time to try to revive it - follow that link, and get naming!


Froog said...

Randy announced every song on Thursday (and on into Friday morning) as being especially "for the ladies". This led to increasingly raucous suggestions that he should cover some Barry White. Not his usual thing at all, but I think it would make for an interesting genre-fusion.

The Lunch said...

Nothing could be more bizarre than real band names:
- The The
- Mental as anything
- Right said Fred
- Atilla the Stockbroker
- Don't Chew Blu-Tak (bar-band, early 80s)
- Ernst Gob and teh Phlegmish National Orchestra (booked but never shows-up, Emmanuel College Ball, 1980)

The Lunch said...

Hydroxylamine (pron. hydrok-zigh-lamine) may be used to fuel rockets but it would make a great Ukranian Techno band.

Froog said...

Lunch, you're in the wrong place. I shall transfer you over.

You're also repeating yourself: that Ernst Gob cancellation 30-odd years ago is obviously a trauma that haunts you to this day.