Monday, April 09, 2012

Blue Mondays*

I haven't been out on a Monday for ages.

I had been thinking that it was just because I'd become addicted to the Monday night lineup on the National Geographic Channel (lots of WWII documentaries, and that crazy guy who's trying to resurrect jousting as a professional sport).

I'd forgotten that it was because Monday nights suck. Everything is closed.

I'd been working over the weekend, so hadn't had a chance to go shopping for food. Suddenly finding the larder bare, I didn't fancy shopping and cooking on Monday evening, so went out in search of a place to dine and/or get a drink.

Now, I knew my best beloved 12 Square Metres has been dark on Mondays through the winter, but I thought they might be starting to open seven days a week again now that the weather's getting warmer. No such luck. And I know MaoMaoChong used to close on Mondays a while back, but I thought they'd switched to having Tuesdays as their night off. No - they're now closed on Tuesdays and Mondays.Saveurs de Corée? Closed. Suzuki Kitchen? Closed. Vineleaf?? Closed.

Even some of the Chinese restaurants in the 'hood appeared to be closed. And because at least half of all the foreigner-oriented places were having a night off, the ones that were open were heaved out (Sand Pebbles...).

Eventually I gave up, nipped into a supermarket for some bread and ham, made do with a sandwich when I got home.

I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now that the jousting series has finished...

[* Doesn't that remind us of a song? Indeed it does. But I think I'd better leave that for one of my 'Great Basslines' posts.]

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