Friday, April 13, 2012

HBH 281

Simplest of pleasures,
Dearest to the weary heart:
New friends, old whisky.

Jeff at Mai put on a little whisky tasting for me last night. We had a cosmopolitan assemblage - a couple of Yanks, a couple of Germans, a couple of Czechs, an Italian... and I forget what else. An Aussie friend had hoped to join from Hong Kong, but had his travelling schedule altered at the last minute. And my usual Irishman was away on a visa run. I was left as the lone Englishman because my journo friend Stroppy Tom cried off on the grounds of being dangerously hungover from the night before (oh, how he shames my country!). Still, 8 or 9 people was about the maximum that can be accommodated for such an event in this cosy little bar.

I think we'll be doing another one or two of these quite soon. Jeff's list of ryes and bourbons is tempting me next...

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