Thursday, May 17, 2012

HELP is at hand

Courtesy of The Choirboy's tireless surfing of the Irish news, I yesterday received a link to this item in the Irish Times. I learned that Dr Jason Bourke (no, not Bourne) has set up a visiting 'hangover cure' service in Las Vegas. Just get on the bus, Gus - for some intensive rehydration.

I think the PSB should rip off the idea and start running one of these around Sanlitun in the early hours of Friday and Saturday mornings. Willingness to request 'the cure' could reasonably be taken as proof of excessive drunkenness in public, which is clearly "disrespectful" of "China's laws and customs" (if not actually illegal). The bus could then run straight to the airport as a Deportation Express.

Luckily, I don't get hangovers. Nor do I get indecently drunk in public. (Well, not very often.) Nor do I frequent Sanlitun. At the moment, however, such virtues are not sufficient to protect one from being arbitrarily thrown out of the country.


FOARP said...

Err. . . you do know that not getting a hang-over is a classic sign of alcoholism, right?

Me, I go on the lag not unfrequently, but my early imperviousness to the demon drink wore off after university. Nowadays drinking on a sunday is a definite no-no, especially with the hangover-tastic Polish beer.

Froog said...

I think it can also be a sign of knowing your limits.

However, various life experiences - not all of them related to alcohol - have set my pain threshold very high. It is quite possible that I occasionally get the same sort of symptoms others bleat over, but I pay them no attention.

Froog said...

Amid all this paranoia and craziness about a possible "purge" of foreigners living here, it's a pleasant surprise to see the return to Beijing of French jazz bassist Pierre Billiard, who was kicked out of the country a couple of years ago. The PSB are a forgiving bunch, after all, it seems. Or perhaps they just have short memories... or poor record keeping.