Monday, May 28, 2012

A supplementary bon mot

"If you're holding a piss-up, a brewery could be a good venue. A pub is probably even better."


My university reunion this weekend was unfortunately a bit of a fizzle - because the prime mover behind it made some very strange decisions on the itinerary. We were a bunch of friends who spent a lot of time back in the 1980s hanging out together in pubs. I think we'd all been looking forward to hanging out together in pubs again this weekend - at the same pubs, if any of them still exist (and haven't been spoiled by modernisation). Our 'host', alas, had seen fit to book a poncey new cocktail bar for the evening rendezvous on Friday, and a poncey overpriced restaurant for the climax of the reunion on Saturday. These venues were offputtingly expensive for the more impecunious amongst us, and not especially attractive even for the obscenely affluent.

You can't go wrong with a pub.

Next time, I think I'll have to organize this sort of thing myself.

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Froog said...

Other foot-shootings in the scheduling were choosing Friday and Saturday for the event (which caught many of the invitees by surprise, I'm sure, since we'd all been assuming up until a week or so before that it would be Saturday/Sunday; two or three people dropped out - at least partly because of this, I suspect), and then designating the Friday rather than the Saturday to go to Eights (the big college rowing festival: Saturday is the BIG day; during the week it's relatively dead). As The Mothman witheringly observed to me, our organiser was not himself 'an Oxford man' but a 'hanger-on', and so has a limited appreciation of how the university social calendar works. Rather limited common sense as well, I have to say.