Saturday, May 19, 2012

Things I'm looking forward to about 'home': Junk Food Heaven!

Past experience suggests that I will be unlikely to get through 72 hours back in the land of my birth before once again succumbing to the unhealthy allure of the baton-of-fat that is the Greggs sausage roll.

However, thanks to this website, I have just discovered that there are even greater culinary delights awaiting me in my homeland these days. The 'Munchy Box', I gather, has become a favourite Friday night order in parts of Glasgow. I'm not sure that it's yet on offer anywhere else in the UK, or even in Scotland, but this looks as if it could be worth a trip up there. Doner kebab and chips and an Indian takeaway served in a pizza box - INSPIRED!!

Who says we Brits can't cook??!!

Mind you, I have long been thinking of opening up a Uyghur Restaurant in Britain...

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