Saturday, May 05, 2012

Viva Mexico!

I had been planning to hold a Cinco de Mayo party this year, but... I have been in too much of a paralysing funk about my imminent - possibly permanent - departure to get down to any of the hard graft of preparation. I wasn't even completely sure that this Saturday wasn't going to be a 'make-up' working day after the three-day May Day holiday (since I don't have a regular job, I seldom get to hear about the government's quaint edicts on  'holidays' and 'non-holidays'). And I had pretty much renounced the whole party thing after the mass spurning of my last housewarming party - an unhappy indicator, I thought, of the general decline in manners that seems to be manifesting itself among long-time Beijing residents. Maybe I'll try to do something next week. Maybe. If the weather stays nice.

At least this leaves me free to go off on a merry tequila binge around some of my favourite bars today.

And my music-mad pal, Ruby, occasional collaborator on the BeijingDaze music blog, is celebrating her birthday tonight by inviting three of her favourite Beijing bands - Amazing Insurance Salesmen, Residence A, and Twinkle Star - to join the On Fires, the Aussie band she's been squiring around China for the past couple of weeks, for their last big show at MAO Live House. That should be a blast.

And to warm up, here's some suitably May 5th-themed musical fun: Antonio Banderas accompanying Mexican musical heroes Los Lobos in The Song of the Mariachi, the theme from Robert Rodriguez's wonderful action romp Desperado (so, frequent glimpses of Salma Hayek in the accompanying video of clips from the film - swoon!).

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