Friday, June 29, 2012

Enough already, eh?

The Nanaimo Bar is indeed a delicious confection. But it is extremely sweet, and not the kind of thing you would sensibly indulge in more than a handful of times a year... well, not more than a few times every month, anyway... and certainly not two or three times every bleedin' day.

It is, I feel, much the same with posts about Canada: one can have too much of a 'good thing'.

Ubiquitous bar blogger 'Beijing Boyce' came up with a fun idea for promoting Canadian food and drink around Beijing, and for enhancing/extending the celebration of this year's Canada Day (July 1st) with a mini-festival he calls Canada Grade Eh Week.

Unfortunately, he has gone completely overboard on this pet project, deluging us with a dozen or more posts and some thousands of words about it - virtually the entire output on his bar & restaurant review blog for the past 10 days. I don't think I'm the only one for whom Canada Ennui set in about a week ago... I rather fear that the effectiveness of the promotion - at least for the non-Canadians amongst us - may be undercut rather by this extravagant oversell.

I hope the event passes off well, and that the yummy Nanaimo Bar might afterwards become a permanent fixture in some of the capital's bakeries and cafés. But I also hope Mr B doesn't then devote another 5,000 words to telling us how well it all went.

A Happy Canada Day (and Grade Eh Week) to you all! Don't eat too many Nanaimo Bars!

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