Saturday, June 23, 2012

The one day I might miss The Jing

Yes, today it's 'dazeFEAST II, an even bigger and better re-run of last year's stupendous all-day music party put together at 2 Kolegas by Badr and Ruby, stalwarts of the BeijingDaze music blog. Something like 15 different acts on the bill this time, I think, including many of Beijing's finest - SUBS, Residence A, The Amazing Insurance Salesmen, and The Flying Mantas.

Unfortunately, if Weather Underground is to be believed (it often isn't!), the weather today is going to be fairly grotty, with a high chance of heavy thunderstorms tonight. Let's hope that blows over. On the evidence of last year's event - one of the nicest days I've seen in a decade in Beijing, sandwiched in amongst a run of quite vile ones - I suspect Badr has some pull with the boys who operate The Weather Machine (actually, that would be a pretty good band name, especially in Beijing!).

Oh well, I'm sure even a downpour won't spoil the fun; it'll just make it more Woodstock!

Good luck, folks! Have a WILD time!!

Sorry I can't be with you for this one. I look forward to reading reports.


Mike said...

Yes, I went - popped by for a bit last year but didn't stay long, though I was impressed that there were numerous families there. So this time my wife and I took our daughter Jenny, and had a nice time watching her play with other kids. Shelley and Jenny left about 8.30pm, and the skies opened at 9pm with a truly awesome thunderstorm and downpour. Everyone took shelter under the gazebos or indoors for about an hour while the DJ played tunes like "November Rain" and "Rain" (yes, The Beatles!), then resumed the festivities. A great day out - such a nice vibe.

Froog said...

Glad to hear it, Mike. How long did you stay this time? Survivors often stick around till well after dawn at this kind of thing!

Looks like it wasn't a sunny one this time, eh? Internet weather sites suggest it was smoggy and super-humid all day.

JK said...

I arrived for the start of festivities until around 6:30 pm when I had to leave for work, got to hear some good acoustic music and see Badr in fine form. Sorry I couldn't stay for more.

Mike said...

Stuck around until about 11. That's about my limit... It wasn't too humid - smoggy and overcast yes, but the humidity only really kicked in Sunday. Didn't really see any bands, was hoping to see the Amazing Insurance Salesmen but apparently they didn't take the stage until after 2am.