Friday, August 17, 2012

HBH 299

Crossing continents
Sense of time and place confused
Changing night for day

After such a long journey, I will be in a disordered state of consciousness and wretchedly weary. But, arriving in the middle of the day, in strong sunshine, I must fight the impulse to go to bed for as long as possible - preferably till well after midnight!

I may not have much idea where I am, or what hour of the day it is; but I can take comfort in the fact that... the sun is always below the yard-arm somewhere in the world.

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Froog said...

Of course, it was wishful thinking to imagine I might land back in Beijing to find bright sunshine. In fact, there was a continuous grey fug throughout the Friday and Saturday and on into Sunday morning. You have a chance of overcoming jetlag if you know what time of day it is in your new location. When one of these sepulchral glooms settles on Beijing, there is no discernible difference between noon and dusk.